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Dream challenge part II


Hi everyone, my name is Yuliana Isma Graha, but my friends call me Iz or Lia.

For me, life is not all about breathing, life is fighting, life is hoping, life is dare yourself to be better for the future.Never limit yourself, find out new things everyday and you will find out that yourself is nothing. 24 years I have been living in this world. Not a short time to look for a lot of experiences there. Ups and downs happened in the life of everyone, but not everyone can rise from adversity there. As a woman who born in 1991, a lot of experiences that I have passed during my life. Maturity is not measured by how we are, but how much life experiences we have, that’s what I always believed.

Being a leader is not easy, it’s been my experience. Being a member of the student council (student organization) when I was in Secondary School, provides an exceptional experience. Leading others is not simply rule them what we want, but how to affect others to follow exactly what they want, but they not be followed because of their own Desire. Learn to respect the opinions of others and to great lengths to get the respect of others. When I was in high school, I was believed to be the chairman of the council, of course, makes me have a heavier responsibility again. Lead students to school with different thoughts should not be taken lightly, it is not uncommon, sometimes it makes me want to make a decision overwhelmed. Think about what is best for the general public, not what is best for themselves. When I was in elementary school, I was a lazy student. My grade book was full of bad scores, my parents were so angry and disappointed, and it makes my mother give punishment to me, she didn’t allow me to play with my friends after come back school for one a month. The punishment was giving spirit for myself that I have to be better again, who would have thought it a spirit that makes me able to continue to achieve a lot of things until now.


each person must have a dream, so do I. The dream is not just wishful thinking that created but also something that should be achieved. I was the one who really likes to explore. I am also very concerned with the education world, especially in Indonesia. Indonesia is a big country, but Indonesia is not a country that can be proud of in the world of education.

iLearning Plus is my BIG DREAM ( Me and iPanda Team)

our official website : http://ilearning.co/

iPanda is a team who has a big passion to change the education become fun. 

Isn’t there more life than waking up in the morning at 7 a.m. until 3 p.m. being in school? Aren’t students suppose to have their freedom in chasing their own desire and dreams? Aren’t students suppose to have fun in education? Isn’t student suppose to have their freedom in their own learning style?

iPanda makes students enter a new world of education. The wonderful experience of full accessibility that allows students to have their free learning style. The amazing accessibility gives a major advantage to athletes, traveler, or students that has different interest. Students could be in class anywhere, anytime they like. iPanda allows students to experience education in a different way, yet fun. Teachers in iPanda are ready to help students develop full knowledge in each courses, yet also having fun.

Research shows that students that enroll in home schooling or online learning did a better job than those who enroll in public school. Online learning bring students learning in a higher level. Technology is growing better and better each day, the world we know yesterday is not the world that we know now. We have face time, skype, keynote, portable wifi, that supports online learning. Why not?

iLearning is a new teaching and learning system in and outside classroom using devices. It is a learning style which is integrated with learning activities, play, and works as one that cannot be separated and can be able to balance the performance of right brain and left brain. With an advanced media technology is capable of helping students to learn differently and enjoyable. Something so many people dreamed about that the teaching and learning can be held more fun and can be done wherever and whenever we want. It is very sophisticated.

iLearning transforms education. We collaborate with your educational institution and teachers to accelerate your current initiatives and help you create a high-performance culture of student success. iPanda provides educators with practical “how-to” strategies that facilitate the level of teaching and learning required for the Common Core and other state standards.

Our vision

Transforming Education. Transforming Lives.

Our Promise

iPanda provides high-quality learning experiences that empower teachers, inspire leaders, and motivate students. Teachers reconnect with their passion for teaching, gain essential strategies to design and deliver dynamic, relevant lessons, and create a classroom culture that fosters strong character. Students learn how to learn, how to take responsibility for their learning, and how to establish healthy relationships. Administrators increase their skills to motivate, align, and lead a school community that builds positive cultures of student success.

Indonesia deserves better education. iPanda bring the dream and spread it to the world, iPanda will make iLearning Plus become the best solution for education. We need revolution, traditional learning doesn’t fit us anymore.


Download PDF FILE here (Pribadi Raharja Only)

or Download here (for Public)

Dream Challenge has to be SMART

S = specific
M = measurable
A = achievable
R = realistic
T = time bound


By 2025, not only universities in Indonesia which know about iLearning Plus, but whole the world know what is iLearning Plus and they are sure that we need revolution in education and “WE NEED iLEARNING PLUS”

sounds SMART?

My Personal Dream is

1. Graduate in 2015

2. By 2015 at least 10 Universities in Indonesia joined iLearning Plus

3. By 29th July 2015 I publish my novel with title “Tetesan Lilin Untuk Senyumnya”

4. By 2016, I can finish my business plan of “The Rose body care” this is a business in Indonesia that I and Mrs. Dian Mustika ( www.dianmustika.com ) want to try to bring and introduce to Malaysia

5. By 2018 I can reach more than 1.000.000 likes on my facebook fanpage “Resep ala Mertua” and write my own cook book. I love cooking too.

Well, seems like a lot of dreams. It’s time to write the action plans, and start doing something to reach the goals and make all dreams come true. Don’t be afraid to dream, but please don’t just dream, but make them real.



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